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Brand Information

Bhode first launched in 2008 when it produced headwear under the moniker of Bhode & Company; a nod to this early heritage is signified on the current headwear labels.

Taking its name from the term forebode [to predict a future event], the brand aims to reinvent tried-and-tested classic menswear silhouettes to meet present-day demands and aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, Bhode is highly influenced by industrial workwear, the hard-wearing and functional aspects of military apparel, and 90's youth subcultures. Through its work, Bhode continues to celebrate British working heritage, with a true consideration for tradition and attention to detail.

The design ethos of the brand centres around using the best quality fabrics for each garment. Accordingly, they source all of their fabrics from Japanese, English, Italian or Portuguese mills — the result is a garment that is designed to last for decades to come. With all of their apparel garments being manufactured in small-batch European factories, we always ensure that there is no excess production.

Dates for the Diary 

Brand Progression Showrooms

13th of June 2022 - 31st of August 2022

Welcome Edition Paris Showroom

23rd - 26th of June 2022


Brand Progression Online Showroom

13th of June 2022 - 31st of August 2022

Welcome Edition London Showrooms

27th - 29th June 2022


Sales Contacts   

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