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The family business Martin Magnusson & Co. was founded in 1936 and is now run by the third generation of Magnussons. Both design and development is done at the headquarters in the town of Hestra.
Our gloves are manufactured in our own factories and we personally buy all leather, fabric, wool and other materials. This give us control of the production chain and ensures high quality at every stage. Several of our models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Europe.
In 2013, we produced over 2 million pairs of gloves. The company has about 40 employees at its headquarters in Sweden. We also have a subsidiaries in the United States and Germany as well as agents, distributors and retailers in over 30 countries.
In addition to Scandinavia, the United States, Alp- countries and Japan are our largest markets. The owners and managers are brothers Claes and Svante Magnusson. They have two sons – the fourth generation of Magnussons – who also work at Hestra.
Hestra produces both sport gloves and fashion gloves. The fashion gloves are divided into three segments: Table Cut collection (the very finest gloves, mady by glove cutters), Collection (more fashion orientated gloves/seasonals but even basic styles) and Sport Classics (leathers from the wild, classic, scandinavian design).

Dates For The Diary

Brand Progression London Showrooms

6th of May 2024 - 31st of August 2024

Brand Progression Online Showroom

6th of May 2024 - 31st of August 2024

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