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Wild Donkey is inspired by the style of vintage American college sweatshirts. Through a careful research of materials and original vintage pieces these garments are reproduced with an aged effect with prints and embroideries using the original techniques of the time. 


In the 50s / 60s / 70s, American students proudly wore their logo'ed sweatshirts and t-shirts representing colleges, universities, clubs, fraternities, sports teams.

In the same years the soldiers involved in the Vietnam War used to paint their t-shirts with scenes lived during that terrible experience or wrote their hopes, leaving a large jersey diary to subsequent generations.


In motorcycle racing on short track or acceleration or on the great salt lakes or in the desert, the strongest riders also wore the coolest t-shirts.

Wild Donkey are in love with the stories told by those garments and they try to bring the aesthetics and value of those years back to life. Wild Donkey start from a passionate research around the world, putting their hands in the stalls of the most important or remote vintage markets, and then we faithfully reproduce both the shapes and the state of aging of the garments with handcrafted treatments in addition to the prints and embroideries with the original techniques of the time.

Dates For The Diary

Brand Progression Online Showroom

12th of June 2023 - 31st of August 2023

Brand Progression Showroom

12th of June 2023 - 31st of August 2023

Welcome Edition Paris Showrooms

22nd - 25th of June 2023

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