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Baracuta is one of Britain’s most iconic heritage brands. Founded in Manchester in 1937, its iconic G10, G4 and G9 (Harrington Jacket) silhouettes have become timeless classics.
The G9 Harrington Jacket is still one of the most celebrated icons in the history of menswear, designed for the very first time in 1937 by the Miller brothers and later refined in 1938 with the addition of the Fraser Tartan for the inner lining. The cult of the G9 exploded during the ’50s thanks to its distribution in the United States and the adoption of the brand by celebrities like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen.
In the later years, this British classic was also adopted in the golf world and also by different youth subcultures, as mods, punks, skinheads and Britpop singers.

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