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Nearly 60 years have passed since Henri Strzelecki set out on his journey to create the world’s best waterproof clothing. A visionary with a dream, Henri created world firsts within technical clothing, from seam taping garments to ensure they were fully waterproof to the invention of the nylon zip. A lot has happened since then but one thing that has stayed constant is our relentless desire to keep moving forward. 

We are committed to creating responsibly built, high quality, timeless products that will support anyone, anywhere in their own adventure— from commuting to work in the city through to sailing the southern ocean, whatever your pursuit or exploration is, on the water, by the coast or on the land, we enable you to love any weather. 

Dates for the Diary 

Brand Progression Showrooms

1st of December 2023 - 15th of March 2024

Welcome Edition Paris Showroom

18th - 22nd of January 2024

Brand Progression Online Showroom

1st of December 2023 - 15th of March 2024

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