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Brand Information

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Carlos Granon, a rock-climbing enthusiast and the founder of Topologie, created the brand to symbolize his passion for endless expeditions to the most remote crags and mountains of our planet. Topologie brings the authentic climber spirit into each product and emphasizes the quest for inner balance and self exploration.

Topologie escape daily routine. They believe every day in the city is a new exploration.

Inspired by rock climbing gear, Topologie takes the aesthetics of functional objects to create everyday accessories for your city adventures.

In rock climbing, every item is a perfect blend of form and function. Every item serves the purpose it was made for. Every item is the exact solution for a specific situation. There's no room for error, no room for fuss. No millimetre is wasted.

Topologie is guided by these unique design principles to create precise and beautiful objects for urban explorers.

Dates For The Diary

Brand Progression Online Showroom

1st of December 2023 - 15th of March 2024

Brand Progression Showroom

1st of December 2023 - 15th of March 2024

Welcome Edition Paris Showrooms

18th - 22nd of January 2024

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Topologie Mood_202403_Utility Tote_02.jpg
Topologie Mood_202403_Crossbody Cases Straps_07.jpg
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